Intersession 2011

Matt Hannibal, Dennis Hartzell, and I are pleased to present the course catalog for Intersession 2011. We had two guiding principles in our review of course proposals. First, we looked for courses that were strongly connected to some aspect of our school’s mission and philosophy. Second, we looked for courses that would keep their students meaningfully engaged for five full days. What emerged is a collection of 23 different courses, including four created and run by Bay School students. (We’re pretty sure that this is the highest number of student-run courses we’ve ever had in an Intersession.) These courses represent an amazing range of interests and passions and reflect our school’s ongoing commitment to exploring intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth in experiences ranging from the traditional to the unconventional.

Matt, Dennis, and Dave
The Intersession Planning Team


Q1: When is Intersession?
A1: Intersession runs Monday, April 11 – Friday, April 15. Daily starting and ending times will be determined by each course leader, but you should expect to spend at least 7 hours in class each day, roughly the same as the typical academic day. Some courses will begin before April 11 and/or end after April 15; see the individual course descriptions for more details.

Q2. How much does Intersession cost students?
A2. The cost of Intersession is built into the regular Bay School tuition, so there is no additional charge for any Intersession course. (OK, sometimes course leaders ask students to chip in for snacks, but if something is essential for a course, the cost is covered by the school.)

Q3. Wait, there are snacks? What kind of snacks?
A3. That’s up to the course leader. Now stay focused and keep on reading.

Q4. I have a question about one of the courses. Who should I ask?
A4. First of all, that should be “whom”, not “who”. Ask questions about specific courses directly to the course leaders, whose names are in parentheses after each course title.

Q5. I have a question about Intersession in general. Whom should I ask?
A5. Any student or faculty member who has been through Intersession before might be able to help you. You can also ask Dave Wang, Matt Hannibal, or Dennis Hartzell, the three people in charge of Intersession.

Q6. When will I sign up for Intersession courses?
A6. Signups will occur online next week. Stay tuned for another announcement.

Q6. When will I find out what Intersession course I’m in?
A7. We’ll announce who’s in which course by the end of February.

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