Welcome to Bay

One thing all students of The Bay School share is a deep excitement and enthusiasm for learning in all of its forms. Our students are an interesting, diverse, active, dedicated group with a wide spectrum of interests and abilities. While they are all committed to learning academically through their exposure to a broadly challenging secondary curriculum, outside of the classroom they are also inspired, skiers, actors, scientists, poets, musicians, and mountain climbers. High school is the time and place for exploration and the Bay School opens up whole new worlds to explore, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Bay School culture is based on respect for individuals and their differing points of view. Students are encouraged to examine and to understand the myriad of differences and commonalities that exist in our world, between cultures, races, religions, ideologies, and individuals.

The Bay School’s founding classes are true “pioneers.” They have a unique opportunity to shape our new school from the very beginning. Working closely with faculty and staff, they launch many important school institutions and activities such as the student council, clubs, teams, and programs that are sure to become Bay School traditions for years to come.

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