Big Questions with No Easy Answers

Academic Dean Andy Shaw returns to our blog with another in-depth look at academics at Bay. In this post, Andy talks about what academic rigor looks like at Bay, and how our students are learning to tackle tough questions. A hundred years ago, academic rigor looked different from the way we see it today at... Continue Reading →

Challenging Problems and Interesting Solutions: Curricular Change in Bay’s Math Program

Join Academic Dean Andy Shaw for a new blog series that provides an in-depth look at academics at Bay. For his first post, Andy highlights Bay's math program and its recent curricular changes. These days, it’s not uncommon for an older student or an alum to drop by my office to remark, “Math’s different now…my... Continue Reading →

Communicating Patterns: Math 2’s Carousel Activity

What do trees, pies and lemonade stands have in common? In a recent Math 2 class, students used all three to communicate information about patterns during their “Carousel" activity. To begin the activity, groups of 9th- and 10th-graders in Bree Pickford-Murray’s class approached whiteboards around the classroom with markers in hand. Their first step was... Continue Reading →

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