Authenticity and Self-Reflection: Dorothy Jones on College Counseling at Bay

Earlier this month, Director of College Counseling Dorothy Jones presented Bay's approach to the college admission process at the National Association for College Admission Counseling's annual conference. Read on to learn more about how the College Counseling team helps students find a college that truly resonates with them. ---------------------------------- Thank you for being here for... Continue Reading →

Cookie Mandalas: Impermanence in Comparative Religions

Arts and humanities instructor Katherine Riley recaps a recent (delicious!) lesson. Students in Comparative Religion class have been studying, in turn, six major religious traditions (Indigenous, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam). As we studied Buddhism, we investigated the concept of anitya (impermanence), which informs all Buddhist understanding of reality. The making of mandalas can... Continue Reading →

What Made Your Week?

A lot can happen in a week. Maybe that important basketball game got you one step closer to a second league championship. Perhaps you learned your new friend Alex shares your passion for Blondie. Or your meme-inspired math project taught you linear, quadratic and exponential equations once and for all.  One thing's for sure: there's... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Mindfulness

A Thanksgiving reminder from Bay's mindfulness teacher, Shahara: This week the focus of the mindfulness practice is on cultivating a gratitude practice. We all know the holiday is Thanksgiving which is one of appreciation and giving thanks. The invitation is to extend yourself to be mindful of the many ways you are grateful. It is... Continue Reading →

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