“It Feels Good to Dig In”: Colin Williams on Humanities at Bay

It’s not every day that you get to learn from a teacher that speaks Sanskrit, plays jazz bass and has a deep knowledge of all things history…unless you’re Colin Williams’ student, of course. Colin, who teaches both Humanities and music at Bay, loves sharing his talents in the classroom. As he explains, “Teaching Humanities at... Continue Reading →

World Traveler, Author and Teacher: Meet Ayize Jama-Everett

Humanities teacher, counselor and writer Ayize Jama-Everett has strong feelings about giving students room to grow and learn. “I like seeing kids in their natural habitat, hearing them say, ‘Oh, I’m kind of curious about this. I want to learn more about it.’” Helping to open two group homes for teens and working at a... Continue Reading →

Astrophysics, Bow Ties and Chemistry: The ABCs of David Friedlander-Holm

Watch out, Mr. Broudy! There’s a new bow tie in town. Meet David Friedlander-Holm, the physics-loving, bow tie-wearing science teacher who joined Bay’s faculty this school year. For David, teaching science – and especially physics – has always been his dream. “I literally raised my hand in my high school physics class and said I... Continue Reading →

Occasions: Mary Ann Rodgers on Day of the Dead

Spanish teacher Mary Ann Rodgers spoke at Morning Meeting  about Day of the Dead and how she has come to experience it personally and as part of The Bay School community. “I hope we are beginning to see the difference between Halloween, where the images are all to create fear (even though little goblins are... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Lori Cohen on Mindfulness

Lori Cohen, a humanities teacher, spoke at Morning Meeting about her experience with mindfulness – from her initial skepticism to her current experience, which falls in line with recent scientific findings about the emotional benefits of being present. She delved into three personal experiences with different types of meditation aimed at achieving different results, before... Continue Reading →

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