Bay Students Present: Research in the Community

This week, tenth grade students hosted Research in the Community Night at Bay, delivering individual 10-minute presentations on a wide variety of research topics from their semester-long course. With parents circulating throughout the building to watch some of the more than 50 presentations, each student speaker addressed salient issues regarding public health, the environment, civil... Continue Reading →

A Skill for the 21st Century: Creativity

No matter the subject, no matter the field or endeavor, creativity is essential to discovery and problem-solving. The World Economic Forum recently noted that "building competencies in areas that machines will be unlikely to tackle effectively (i.e. complex problem solving, creativity) is likely the best recipe for success." And in a recent Harvard study scientists identified a... Continue Reading →

A Practical Application of Mindfulness

Morning Meeting at The Bay School includes 10 minutes of sharing in the form of a personal talk, a focus on our Precepts, or a performance by either a Bay community member or someone outside the community.  On October 4, founding staffulty member and Senior Signature Project Director Shadow Wang shared how he applied mindfulness... Continue Reading →

Bay’s Teaching Fellows Program

By Lori Cohen, Dean of Faculty Teaching Fellows Origins When I began teaching at The Bay School in the fall of 2005, I was inspired by all the curricular and pedagogical freedom I had. Bay was a place where I could experiment, teach what I imagined students most needed without the strictures of standardized tests... Continue Reading →

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