Experiences: Looking Forward to Intersession 2013

Believe it or not, Intersession 2013 is just around the corner! This year’s courses represent an amazing range of interests and passions and reflect The Bay School’s ongoing commitment to exploring intellectual, spiritual and physical growth in experiences ranging from the traditional to the unconventional.

This year, students will go off in every direction to backpack Havasu Falls, bike Marin County, build a supercomputer, write in the woods, find their authentic selves and more. Of course, there are also the old favorites  –  the Tall Ship trip (this year it’s the girls’ turn), the near-space balloon mission or Ultimate Frisbee. Whatever a student’s particular interests, they’d better be ready for a week they won’t soon forget.

Check out a few of this year’s session descriptions for a taste of the 20-plus options:

Logic of Puzzles and Games

What makes a game fun? What makes a puzzle interesting?

Throughout the week, we’ll play games and practice solving logic puzzles to analyze how they work. We’ll discuss topics such as strategy, design, usability and game-play and apply these understandings as we develop a class-created game. We will be using a Design Thinking framework to prototype and refine our class game within a short time frame.

Tall Ships

Tall Ship programs create an opportunity for multi-faceted growth in students. Students are given academic content that they immediately apply to their new surroundings of a ship at sea. They confront an environment full of physical challenges that require problem-solving and cooperative effort. While they build relationships and memories, their accomplishments on a variety of levels build a tremendous sense of confidence. Learn more about Tall Ships on our YouTube channel.

More to Explore:

Learn more about the ideas behind Intersession and hear audio clips from alumna and past Intersession leader Sophia in a recent blog post.

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