Active Endeavors: XC’s Coach Bob on BCL Championship

In the Bay Counties League (BCL) cross country championship, six runners ran their best 5-kilometer times of the year. The team has vastly improved since past seasons, making significant progress in the toughest Division V league in the state. The team has yet another opportunity to prove itself at the North Coast Section (NCS) championship at Hayward High School on Saturday, Nov. 17. Check out the complete BCL race results at

Congrats to the entire cross country team and the six students who ran personal bests:

Malcolm: 6:54 per mile to 6:49 per mile

Oliver: 7:33 per mile to 7:12 per mile

Sam: 8:30 per mile to 7:52 per mile

Anna: 6:39 per mile to 6:38 per mile

Tiffany: 8:12 per mile to 7:59 per mile

Amalia: 8:45 per mile to 8:38 per mile

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