Experiences: Privilege and School Supplies

Summer and Valerie, seniors at The Bay School, teamed up with social benefit organization Mira as part of their senior project. Here’s what they had to say about what they’re doing, why they chose it and how they plan to make a difference.

> We are taking over International Aid club this year and we were thinking how we could use time and resources from that in a project.

> We noticed that International Aid has always been a group that raises money. Within our senior project we wanted to do something beyond just money and make a personal connection.

> We want to raise awareness about privilege in The Bay School Community by connecting our community to an international aid community. The fundraising that we are doing – because that is kind of an essential part of International Aid – is not money; it’s school supply-raising. We feel that’s appropriate because we are in a school and we’re talking a lot about education and privilege.

> We’re going to be helping a school for disabled children in Cambodia. The people from Mira Scholars actually travel there, and they’re going to bring the supplies that we gather and bring them there physically.

> Our project comes in three big parts. Our mentor is going to come in and talk at Morning Meeting about what she does in Cambodia, and that will raise support for the event itself. The event itself is the backpack fundraiser where we raise school supplies. Then after that, we talk about how we relate privilege into our whole project. The question is, “What is our role in global change?”

Be on the lookout for ways to donate school supplies and join the conversation about privilege during the first three weeks of T2.

Now see what Mira has to say about Summer and Valerie’s project!



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