Sound Bites: A Glimpse into Varsity Soccer’s Season

Martin, co-captain with Alex, speaks to the state of the team and this year’s goals.

On attitude…

The team is generally more positive this year than it was last year. I feel there’s a little bit more in the way of tenacity among this year’s players.


We have room to improve both relationally – among ourselves and with our opponents – and in terms of skill.


A distinctive feature of my experience with Bay is that I’ve had teammates who have tended to build me up. I think that a lot of the players on the team are often commendable in that regard.


> Generally when we perform well, we pass quickly; we don’t hold onto the ball for an extended period of time. I think that’s a function of knowing where you’re going to take the ball when you receive it.

> When we’re playing well, we’re also standing opponents up. By that I mean not allowing someone to simply dribble by you.

> A third quality to which we can attribute a great deal of our success is willingness to take shots; willingness to take that risk, of sorts.

And what matters most.

Wins and losses are unimportant, but what matters more in my mind is that we represent the school well.


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