Rock Climbing

Post by Bay Student, Will Sano…

As part of the after-school activity system at the Bay School, many students, myself included, have chosen to go rock climbing. When I say “rock climbing”, I do not mean summiting snow capped peaks in the Himalayas, as much as I wish that were the case. Since its opening in September 2008, Planet Granite San Francisco has offered Bay School students the unique opportunity to experience the extreme sport of rock climbing in the controlled environment of a converted air craft hanger on Crissy Field. Just a 15-minute walk or PresidiGo ride away from Bay, Planet Granite consists of 25,000 square feet of climbing walls, exercise equipment, yoga studios, and saunas: all at the disposal of myself and the other Bay School students with our school-funded memberships.

Indoor rock climbing at Planet Granite is distinct from outdoor rock climbing in that there are routes with specific handholds to follow. These routes can range from fairly short, fifteen feet high bouldering routes to marathon routes that have the climber scale to the top of the wall, about sixty feet. Personally, my favorite type of route involves climbing up a particular wall in the gym and climbing onto a stalactite-shaped climbing wall hanging from the ceiling. Although the basic architecture of the walls remains the same, the staff at Planet Granite regularly set new routes on the walls, giving climbers like myself a reason to come back week after week.

Having never done rock climbing before I came to Bay, I was initially drawn to rock climbing at Planet Granite as a way to stay in shape during the winter trimester. Rock climbing on the walls at Planet Granite is a fantastic workout for your core and upper body, and the treadmills and other exercise machines in the gym area of the building provide a more traditional workout for the entire body. After three years of rock climbing, I can say that I have grown to appreciate the sport as one of my favorite pastimes.

Our partnership with Planet Granite San Francisco began when the gym opened its doors as the third and newest location in the Bay Area. Planet Granite commits to promoting access by offering indoor climbing for all levels from top roping, leading, cracks and world-class bouldering. Each gym is also equipped with complete fitness centers and studio quality yoga.

Rock climbing is by far one of the most popular activities at the Bay School and we offer full membership to 30 students every trimester. We encourage all levels of climbers, from those who have never climbed before to advanced climbers, to take part of and enjoy this activity.

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