Sound Sushi: Student/Staffulty Music Workshop with Songwriter Sophia Knapp

Arts instructor Ascha Drake recaps a recent music workshop.  On Wednesday, Jan. 22, visual artist and songwriter, Sophia Knapp, visited The Bay School to lead a songwriting workshop titled "Sound Sushi." Sophia lives in Los Angeles, and is a practicing musician, having released several albums and she has toured all over the world. Students, teachers... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Diversity: PGA Gets an Education

PGA President Amy Talbot shares a recap about a recent PGA workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion at Bay. In mid-November, 30 members of the PGA leadership team had the privilege of working with Alison Park of Blink Consulting.  Tim Johnson and The Bay School Board of Trustees, as well as the entire staffulty have... Continue Reading →

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