Bay Delegates at NAIS People of Color Conference

A group of Bay students are, as we speak, attending the annual National Association of Independent Schools' People of Color Conference/Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Maryland, to which we send a delegation every year. The student conference is devoted to developing student leadership in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Attending Student Diversity Leadership... Continue Reading →

Student Leaders Speak: Bianca ’15, Leader, International Aid Club

What’s your favorite thing about being a leader at Bay? My favorite thing about being a leader is inspiring other people like me. When I was a freshman, I was really shy and I didn’t think I could have been a leader at Bay. I hope that other freshman who were like me think, “Oh,... Continue Reading →

Student Leaders Speak: Stefan ’14, Captain, Boys Varsity Soccer Team

Throughout your time on the team, how have you seen seniors lead and support freshmen? [As a freshman] I was really nervous. You watch the TV shows and you’re like, “They’re going to throw me in the toilet.” I met the captains and thought, “You guys are really nice to me! Why?” There’s a culture... Continue Reading →

Student Leaders Speak: Izzy ’14, Leader, School Life Committee

What’s the purpose of the SLC and how does it serve the school? SLC stands for the School Life Committee. It is the closest thing Bay has to student government. We try to bridge the gap between students and administration, hence the name School Life Committee rather than Student Life Committee. The SLC has two... Continue Reading →

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