Rethinking Diversity: PGA Gets an Education

PGA President Amy Talbot shares a recap about a recent PGA workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion at Bay. In mid-November, 30 members of the PGA leadership team had the privilege of working with Alison Park of Blink Consulting.  Tim Johnson and The Bay School Board of Trustees, as well as the entire staffulty have... Continue Reading →

Professional Development in Action: Lori Cohen

Lori Cohen – teacher of humanities, literature, writing, religion and philosophy – discusses how professional development has informed and continues to enhance her classes past, present and future. In particular, she speaks to her recent, NEH grant-funded course and the role it has played in shaping her upcoming new class at The Bay School.  This... Continue Reading →

Professional Development in Action: Colin Williams

“Sometimes a fresh approach or technique is all a teacher needs to be more effective in the classroom. For Colin Williams, a music and humanities teacher at The Bay School in San Francisco, part of that approach is making his band students sing." Read more about the creative strategies Colin gleaned from his professional development... Continue Reading →

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