Big Questions with No Easy Answers

Academic Dean Andy Shaw returns to our blog with another in-depth look at academics at Bay. In this post, Andy talks about what academic rigor looks like at Bay, and how our students are learning to tackle tough questions. A hundred years ago, academic rigor looked different from the way we see it today at... Continue Reading →

Astrophysics, Bow Ties and Chemistry: The ABCs of David Friedlander-Holm

Watch out, Mr. Broudy! There’s a new bow tie in town. Meet David Friedlander-Holm, the physics-loving, bow tie-wearing science teacher who joined Bay’s faculty this school year. For David, teaching science – and especially physics – has always been his dream. “I literally raised my hand in my high school physics class and said I... Continue Reading →

Neutrino What? Alumna’s Accomplishment a “Pretty Big Deal”

We asked Meg Millhouse ’08 a few questions about a recent accomplishment: getting her undergraduate thesis published in the American Journal of Physics. As Senior Signature Projects instructor Dave Wang put it, “This is a Pretty Big Deal.” Check out the abstract or rent the article to read online here. In simple terms, what is... Continue Reading →

Ninth Grade Conceptual Physics

A quiet revolution is taking place in the way physics is being taught in colleges and universities across the US. Increasing numbers of professors are moving away from the traditional lectures to a format that puts the student, rather than themselves, at the center of what's going on in the classroom. These new forms of... Continue Reading →

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