From Paper to Stingray, Peacock, Sun: Origami with Parent Peter Engel

Peter Engel, father of Gabriel  '16, visited the 3-D Foundations 1A class on Friday, Jan. 10.  Peter is able to balance being a professional origami artist (he exhibits all over the country and has published three books focused on origami) along with being a professional architect in Berkeley. Both practices feed one another, and Peter... Continue Reading →

Occasions: Learning the Art of Origami

It begins with plain colored paper, delicate, thin to the touch. You sit, willing it to become something else. You can conjure whatever you want – those iconic swans, sure, but also flowers, people, emotions. Watch your hands fold, crease, smooth; your mind wanders in and out of the small-scale sculpture, and it feels like... Continue Reading →

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