On February 13, Tim Wall, a product designer with Amazon’s Lab 126 , visited the 3-D Foundations 1A class. Tim witnessed the “cardboard chair challenge,” at Morning Meeting, and was impressed with the durability and designs of the chair outcomes. Students in the class had 10 days to research, brainstorm, build maquettes and models,... Continue Reading →

Getting Here: Students Share How and Why They Get to Bay

Anni ‘14 Pier 33 During her first three years at Bay, Anni became an expert at bussing to school. She’d take the 8x to the 45 to the Downtown PresidiGo and use that time to review her Spanish flashcards or read. This year, Anni’s trying something new – biking to school. She says, “It’s fun!... Continue Reading →

Occasions: Tamara ’13 on Education Revolution

If you’ve been to Morning Meetings, you might already know that Tamara and Fiona ’13 are passionate about supporting students with learning differences. They’ve taken it upon themselves to spread the word about resources for students with learning differences such as Student Advisors for Education (SAFE) events. Now, with a national event called Education Revolution... Continue Reading →

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