Bay Delegates at NAIS People of Color Conference

A group of Bay students are, as we speak, attending the annual National Association of Independent Schools' People of Color Conference/Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Maryland, to which we send a delegation every year. The student conference is devoted to developing student leadership in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Attending Student Diversity Leadership... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Diversity: PGA Gets an Education

PGA President Amy Talbot shares a recap about a recent PGA workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion at Bay. In mid-November, 30 members of the PGA leadership team had the privilege of working with Alison Park of Blink Consulting.  Tim Johnson and The Bay School Board of Trustees, as well as the entire staffulty have... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Tibetan Lamas Visit

Anne Dickerson Lind, mother of freshman Oskar, introduced Lama Thogmed and Lama Lhundrop of the oldest Tibetan lineage tradition, the Buddhist tradition called “Nyingma,” which means “ancient.” She explained that they would be reciting in Tibetan the Guru Rinpoche blessing, also called “Padmasambhava,” which means “lotus born.” As Tim Johnson put it, our visitors were... Continue Reading →

Reflections: Ayluonne on Hawaii’s Lantern Floating

The Shinnyo-en Foundation selected and sponsored nine teens from interfaith organizations, Ayluonne among them, to participate in a program revolving around the Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony. This reflection was first published in Shinnyo-en USA’s monthly publication, “The Nirvana.”   I have not lost a loved one. Yet, as I stood upon Ala Moana beach, peering... Continue Reading →

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