Professional Development in Action: Lori Cohen

Lori Cohen – teacher of humanities, literature, writing, religion and philosophy – discusses how professional development has informed and continues to enhance her classes past, present and future. In particular, she speaks to her recent, NEH grant-funded course and the role it has played in shaping her upcoming new class at The Bay School.  This... Continue Reading →

Ninth Grade Conceptual Physics

A quiet revolution is taking place in the way physics is being taught in colleges and universities across the US. Increasing numbers of professors are moving away from the traditional lectures to a format that puts the student, rather than themselves, at the center of what's going on in the classroom. These new forms of... Continue Reading →

Welcome, New Bloggers!

With the launch of our new Admission site, we would like to welcome the faculty members who have signed on to become guest bloggers. So, please join me in welcoming some new voices to the BayBlog! Ascha Drake Chris Kuszmaul Colin Williams Raul Betancourt Richard Piccioni Dave Wang Dorothy Jones Katherine Riley Rachel Shaw and... Continue Reading →

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