Conversations: On Water Bottles and Big, Old Clocks

“What does sustainability mean? Does it mean that we recycle? Does it mean that all we need to do is drive a Prius? Does it mean that we eat only organically fed, free-range chickens that have been read a bedtime story before they go to sleep?” Director of The Project Center Brad Niven spoke at... Continue Reading →

Experiences: Pasta Bridges to Learning

An Engineering and Design Update from Director of the Project Center Brad Niven Engineering Design 1 classes have started their first project: to design and build a truss bridge spanning 18 inches using dried spaghetti and hot glue. The bridge must weigh less than 250 grams and be at least 2 inches wide. Trusses are... Continue Reading →

The Robotics Challenge

Welcome to Robotics! The Robotics class is the first class to take advantage of the new Project Center at Bay. Brad Niven is the Project Center director and teacher of the robotics class and has led a group of fearless students into the world of robots. The project details: Brad asked the 4 teams of... Continue Reading →

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