A Writer’s Life

For some people, writing is a calling, a voice in the soul that demands to sing out. Careful, conscious words have the power to inspire, inform, persuade, entertain, and comfort. Whether you plan to immerse yourself in writing poetry, tease out the novel hiding inside, or simply want to tackle a school essay or a... Continue Reading →

BUGS! Exhibit in the Glass Gallery

  Currently up in the Glass Gallery space is the BUGS! Exhibit featuring the work of  Sculpture 1A artists. Students looked closely at the way little critters are formed, honing in on the patterns, formations, shapes, and details that nature has provided for them to survive. As students worked on the project, they were asked... Continue Reading →

The Studio Habits of Mind

What are they? How can the visual arts promote disciplined habits of mind? “In the current climate of educational accountability, arts educators must answer two fundamental questions so that the arts will retain a place within public education: (1) What kinds of thinking skills do arts teachers strive to instill? (2) How can students learn... Continue Reading →

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