Luke Gruenert ’13 Captures Stunning Photo of the Moon

* This article was adapted from the original CNET article by Amanda Kooser. Luke Gruenert '13 took a photo of the moon using his HTC One. He is probably not the first person to try this, but, unlike everyone else in the world, he spent 700 hours preparing to take the shot of a lifetime. Gruenert's... Continue Reading →

Experiences: Astrophysics Students Visit the Aardvark Observatory

The students in Miles Chen’s astrophysics class enjoyed a trimester immersed in studying the stars, which culminated in a recent field trip to the Aardvark Observatory. Two such students, Sam and Izzy ’14, shared about their experience at and after the class trip to the Aardvark Observatory. “We went to Gary and Cynthia Bengier’s,” Izzy... Continue Reading →

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