On February 13, Tim Wall, a product designer with Amazon’s Lab 126 , visited the 3-D Foundations 1A class. Tim witnessed the “cardboard chair challenge,” at Morning Meeting, and was impressed with the durability and designs of the chair outcomes. Students in the class had 10 days to research, brainstorm, build maquettes and models,... Continue Reading →

From Paper to Stingray, Peacock, Sun: Origami with Parent Peter Engel

Peter Engel, father of Gabriel  '16, visited the 3-D Foundations 1A class on Friday, Jan. 10.  Peter is able to balance being a professional origami artist (he exhibits all over the country and has published three books focused on origami) along with being a professional architect in Berkeley. Both practices feed one another, and Peter... Continue Reading →

“Reds Like Hearts” & “Pinks Like Candy”: Color Walks with Painting 1A

Arts Instructor Ascha Drake shares excerpts from a recent lesson on color.  The Painting 1A artists are beginning to think and work with color.  The painters began the term using only black and white and shades of gray, so diving into color requires some thinking and patience. There is a complexity to color that is... Continue Reading →

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