High Fidelity – Virtual Reality

Last week, students in Bay's Computer Science 2 course had the opportunity to experience virtual reality at start-up High Fidelity, courtesy of owner and Bay parent, Philip Rosedale. High Fidelity provided the students a hands-on 3-D virtual reality experience using their current software platform, with the "Egyptian Tomb Experience." The High Fidelity engineering team also led a discussion... Continue Reading →

Learning Services Mentor Program

By. Courtney DeHoff, Director of Learning Services There are so many things that I love about being a learning specialist at The Bay School. First and foremost, I love working individually with Bay students. They are the most self-reflective group of youngsters that I have encountered in my career.  Bay students think deeply both about content and... Continue Reading →

#NeverAgain Walkout

By Sue Porter, Dean of Students and the Education Leadership Team In light of the recent events in Parkland, Florida, students and educators from around the country have been in dialogue on how to collectively advocate for both safer schools and student voice.  Today, Wednesday, March 14, we had a special schedule in order to... Continue Reading →

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