Meet Bay’s New Dean of Academics and Innovation

Bay’s new Dean of Academics and Innovation Lorenzo Krakowsky says he fell in love with The Bay School in just two days when he came to visit. “The mission of Bay and the precepts appealed to me immediately. The mindfulness, the way the school has such intentional values and purposes, the openness that I saw here, the cohesion around curricular approach, the innovation, the Immersives — just everything felt really, really good to me.”

During college, while helping students prepare for high school as part of the Summerbridge program in San Francisco, Lorenzo discovered working with students to be stimulating as well as rewarding. He went on to establish a Summerbridge program in New York and has been a teacher for 30 years. Most recently, he was the Director of Upper School and Progressive Practices at the Calhoun School. “I’ve always been really interested in humanistic, progressive, innovative education that also centers very much on students,” he says.

A typical day at Bay for Lorenzo encompasses both interactions with colleagues to support them around shaping curriculum and with students to answer questions about schedules and academics.  “For me there is a really beautiful combination of work with a variety of constituents, and partnering with the parents around supporting the academic program.”  Lorenzo will also spend some time with different members of the community thinking about the academic program and defining what innovation looks like.

Lorenzo is happy to be back home in San Francisco after leaving for New York when he was 15. Among the things he enjoys about the Bay Area are the physical space, beauty, fog, cultural variety, and friendliness. “I’ve always considered myself a San Franciscan,” he says. Welcome home, Lorenzo.

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