Bay Tennis Welcomes New Coach

As our first term of the school year comes to an end, we reflect back on the outstanding performances from our athletic teams this fall season. Not only did the teams work extremely hard and give their all to each and every game, but that hard work paid off by generating either playoff slots or personal bests. The Boys Varsity Soccer Team made it to the quarterfinals of the NCS Championship Playoffs. The Girls Varsity Volleyball team dominated all season and played in the NCS Semifinal Championship Playoffs. Cross Country ran in BCL West Cross Country League Championships and hit a number of personal records, and Girls Golf had players qualify for NCS. Our sailors won 3rd place in the Silver Division of the Anteater Regatta.

We are extremely proud of all of our teams, but one team that really stood out this season was the Girls Varsity Tennis Team. Under the leadership of new head coach, Emily DeCamilla, the girls tennis team had their best season in Bay’s history and beat teams the school has never beaten before! The team ended in 3rd place in the regular season league standings and ended their run playing in BCL Individual and Doubles Playoffs.

Coach DeCamilla came to Bay with a fresh outlook on the game and a lengthy history of playing and coaching tennis.  A NorCal native, Coach DeCamilla grew up in Sacramento where she played in the Unites States Tennis Association circuit. She played tennis all over Northern California before accepting a full athletic scholarship to Ohio State University.  After graduating college and attempting a few “office jobs,” she knew her heart and passion lay on the tennis court and in education. This combination led her to various coaching jobs including positions with Georgetown University, University of Chicago, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she also attended graduate school. After grad school, Coach DeCamilla returned to the Bay Area and now calls The Bay School her home.

Coach DeCamilla coaches with the philosophy that the best way to come to any match is by being fully prepared and in the moment. “We try to control the things we can control: being on time, doing warm-ups, having our uniforms and water bottles ready, paying attention to the small details and being focused…really turning on ‘team mode’.” This method seemed to resonate with the team. Team member Natalia ‘17 says, “Since the first day of practice Coach DeCamilla has been extremely supportive of our team and passionate about the sport. She encouraged us daily to be the best athletes we could be on and off the court, coaching us as both a team and individually to work on our weaknesses and play to our strengths.”

Coach DeCamilla is proud of her girls this season, saying, “I truly love the team we have and I’m so impressed with how intentional and thoughtful they are. They concentrate really well on anything I ask them to do, but they also have a lot of fun while they are working hard.” Complimenting the school, Coach DeCamilla continues, “[The students] seem to know how to balance working really hard for that hour and a half with enjoying each other and the team atmosphere. [This reflects] the Bay culture of students who want to grow and learn; sports are an extension of what students learn in the classroom.”

Her philosophy has certainly paid off and we want to congratulate Coach DeCamilla and all of the girls on an incredible season and for their hard work! Coach DeCamilla will be back at Bay in the spring coaching the boys tennis team and we look forward to seeing what their season has in store.